• dominic being dramatic about a splinter
  • the way john rhys’ davies orders food
  • tig
  • cup
  • billy and dom turning out to basically be pippin and merry in real life
  • liv flat out refusing to kiss anyone but viggo during the coronation scene
  • billy and viggo smooching during sam and rosie’s wedding
  • most of the fellowship getting matching tattoos
  • elijah doing take after take for his last scene because peter didn’t want it to be over
  • the lotr cast


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She went that way! She went that way!

—Queen Elizabeth II (pointing to a direction whilst jumping) when asked by the members of press and public on small boats “Have you seen The Queen?” when she was sunbathing during her trip to Australia in 1954. The boats went to the direction she pointed and she carried on sunbathing. (via royalbloopers)

We are a member of the British royal family. We are never tired, and we all love hospitals

—Queen Mary of Great Britain (via royalbloopers)